How does Jazz band add an exciting twist to your child's education?

Jun 26, 2017 11:12:54 AM

One of the most exciting programs here at Pulaski Academy is our Jazz Band. Just three short years ago, the Jazz Band consisted of only six students performing mostly in a Jazz combo style. With heightened interest, the Jazz Band now consists of 18 students performing “big band” music. The Jazz Band performs many different styles of North and South American music; including blues, swing, bossa, latin rock, funk, rock & roll, and more.

  • Solos - Every student in the Pulaski Academy Jazz Band will do improvisation solos at performances. While many bands feature several solos from the same two or three musicians, we feel it’s important that each student receive the opportunity to solo in front of a large group of people. This fosters creativity and confidence within the student, as well as a deeper understanding of his or her instrument.
  • Competition - As in many other areas at Pulaski Academy, students in the Jazz Band excel at their instruments. All students in the Jazz Band are expected to try out for the All-Region Jazz Band. In 2015, 7 out of 13 students were selected for All-Region, and 3 were alternates. In 2016, 10 out of 18 students were selected for the Central Arkansas’ All-Region Jazz Band. 
  • Vocal Features - With so many talented students here at Pulaski Academy, we’ve had the opportunity to do vocal features with the jazz band. This is a wonderful opportunity, not only for the vocalist, but for the group as a whole. Blending and balancing with a vocalist is very different than with just the band. While being an additional learning opportunity for the Jazz Band, it's also a delight for our audiences.

The Jazz Band is an auditioned ensemble for Upper School students, however, exceptional students may enter the jazz band as early as 7th grade. Click the videos below to hear some selections for the 2016 Frosty Follies performance.

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