Reflections of Gratitude: What our PA Faculty and Staff are Thankful For

Nov 19, 2021 11:34:54 AM

Thankful to Be a Bruin

Dearest PA Family,

It was earlier this week that I reached out to my colleagues and asked, in a moment of reflection, what they were grateful for. The response was simply overwhelming. I can think of no better way to send all of your families love from here on Hinson Road than to share those responses with you. Also, please know, as my family and I head into the break, one where gratitude and appreciation are celebrated, I’ll be sure to reflect on how fortunate I am to be a small part of this amazing PA family.


  • I am grateful for our school spirit and loyalty. -- Alecia C
  • I'm incredibly grateful to have supportive parents who value their children's education, as well as kind colleagues who will eagerly offer help when needed without a moment of hesitation.
  • -- Layne M
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work with the young people that I coach and teach!  They are simply the best!  Happy Turkey Day season!  My favorite Holiday....where you can just enjoy all of the blessings of life!  -- Lin S
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  • I am grateful for the loving community at PA - my colleagues, my students, and the wonderful families who are involved to make this school the best place to be. -- Elaine M
  • Pulaski Academy has missions that encompass my family's goals of always being in a place where there is an opportunity for individual growth, tailored learning, and, most importantly, the possibility for individual transformation (for students and employees alike).  We couldn't succeed with our family's goals if we didn't have a place that nurtured those objectives.  We don't just check boxes around PA to say we've done something - we are creating success stories, one student at a time. I am also grateful that we have a Head of School and an Athletic Director that show up to support our Cross Country runners at the State Championship.  You have no idea what that meant to the students and to the parents!  It was such a small gesture with a gigantic impact. Just wonderful!  -- Erin S
  • I am thankful for the diversity of our community! -- Isabelle T
  • I am very grateful for the relationships that I have through my school family.  It is a happy place to spend my time!  -- Noel B
  • I am grateful for my Cub Team: Tammy Hester, Ginger Weaver, and Holly Dewese ..; and the many, many laughs we have each day! -- Kristen W
  • I am grateful for the generosity of our PA parents and students. They are very thoughtful and supportive. I am also grateful and blessed with students who are discovering what amazing human beings they can be. They are truly “neat kids.” We have some incredibly bright, curious, and introspective students who are developing into genuine leaders for our next generation--Keri B
  • I am grateful for a thoughtful, considerate, and close-knit team. I am not from Arkansas and don't have any family close by, so my team has become my family. I know I can always count on them for support and encouragement. I love my PA family!  -- Emily P
  • I’m thankful for parents that are not only invested in their kids and willing to go the extra mile to work with me to ensure proper social, emotional, and educational development, but also the interest they’ve taken in me and my family. I’m grateful for the strong and innate sense of community at our school. -- Shelby C
  • I am thankful for the level of excellence I see every day in colleagues and students. I am thankful for an environment of mutual respect amongst adults and students. I am thankful for a President and Head of School that values my opinion and credibility. -- Paige T
  • I am so thankful to work in a community where everyone's goal is the same- to strive to be the best at everything we do. -- Julie H
  • Pulaski Academy isn't just a work environment. It's not just a place where education takes place. PA is a FAMILY! My co-workers and students know me, they know my family, they come to my 7-year-old's flag football games! I'm truly grateful to call Pulaski Academy home. -- Trent M
  • In this time of Thanksgiving, we have lots to be thankful for here at PA.  Great students, parents, faculty, and staff to name a few, but there is a "new kid" on the block this year and for HIM I am super thankful!  It is so comforting to have a top leader that is professional, yet relatable, approachable, comical, and transparent.  Thank you for being you and taking on the challenge of PA!! -- Brooke B
  • I'm grateful for the friendships I have made here that have been blessings in my life and to my family. Both co-workers and other PA parents have become some of the most valued people in my daily life. -- Diane L
  • I am thankful to experience happy children on a daily basis.  Hearing them talk and laugh brings so much joy. I am equally thankful for such a wonderful teaching community.  I learn so much from all of my colleagues every day and they make me laugh along the way! -- April P
  • New Leadership - Increase in enrollment -Covid Policies that have kept covid cases to a low- A campus full of great kids that are motivated to accomplish high achievement -Outstanding faculty and staff that put our kids first - a school that has a family atmosphere -- Janie S
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  • I am filled with gratitude every day that I enter my "home away from home."  The level of positivity, respect, and rapport not only from my entire team, students, and parents as well makes this environment a true delight to be a part of, I am truly blessed to have such an amazing PA family.  -- Polly G
  • I’m grateful that even though we live in the capital city, PA gives me that small-town feeling. -- Christen E
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  • When I stopped to think about what I am grateful for this season, the word "commUNITY" comes to my mind.  It contains the smaller word "UNITY",   the state of being united or joined as a whole or in other words:  TEAMWORK.   It's a joint effort to get the job done, as we can't all be the "hands" but it takes the feet, arms, etc to make a difference in what we do as a whole/unit:  the PA TEAM. -- JoHanna S
  • I am grateful for our PA family who invests in each other and colleagues who laugh together and encourage one another daily.  -- Cassie H
  • I am thankful for our sense of community! Coming to school feels like coming home because of the people!! -- Laura K
  • It's a profound testament to the quality of this school that my first thoughts after reading your email turned to the students themselves. I'm so thankful for them, for their eagerness to learn and engage with challenging content, and for their enthusiasm for the work we do here. As grateful as I am to be surrounded by passionate, talented educators and administrators, it's the students themselves that make this place consistently exciting and joyous. On the more chaotic, stressful days, they have a knack for melting away the "job" and reminding me why this school community is so special.-- Andy G
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  • I’m grateful we can all play on the playground together and make friends in other classes! -- Cathy D
  • As a new teacher this year, I am grateful that I have a community of teachers checking up on me. -- Kailyn W
  • I am grateful for how our parents are intentional with encouragement; how they choose to partner with us daily to help steer their children towards success. I am thankful for how even after their children have left our classrooms, they still feel like family. A family that encourages, uplifts, and brightens our days with small but incredibly intentional acts of kindness. -- Mary Joy W
  • I am thankful for the true sense of community that is demonstrated daily at PA-whether academically, socially, or emotionally everyone pulls together to help our students succeed. -- Jennifer E
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  • I am so thankful that God gave me the opportunity to come to PA 10 years ago.  This place is truly amazing!  I am also thankful that I get to see my daughters grow up and be educated by a great group of educators who TRULY CARE about kids in such a special way! -- Anthony L
  • I am thankful for an increasingly diverse community where we can learn from each other's life experiences. -- Mandy K
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  • It is really motivating to work with people who are experienced, humble, and fun! I am more appreciative than ever of the awesome teammates I have at PA! -- Britynn D
  • I am thankful that I get to teach all of my students in person this year because it is a much better learning experience for everyone. -- Malanie B
  • I am deeply grateful that this family supports each other when hard times come and celebrates with each other when there are things to celebrate! -- Jennifer C
  •  I am thankful for a return to music-making in our choral program, as well as for the stretching that last year's restrictions on singing gave to our musicianship. We have a very resilient program, and I look forward to continuing to help it rebuild and grow in the coming years. -- John W
  • I am most thankful for people who support us in times of celebration and in times of need, parents who willingly give of their time to help support their children and teachers, colleagues who will take on extra duties to help each other out, and an administration that cares about each of their faculty members. -- MaryKay F
  • I am so grateful for our kind, empathetic, creative students who lean into their passions and don't shy away from opportunities to care for one another! -- Sheridan P
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  • I am thankful that field trips are back! It felt so good to see everyone together again! Seeing the smiles on everyone's faces both parents and students was truly amazing!  -- Amy M
  • I am grateful for the opportunity to work in an environment that supports and encourages one another, while at the same time drives each other to be our best. -- Jason W
  • I’m grateful for the teachers that I get the pleasure of working alongside daily.  Their dedication to education and love for students inspire me! -- Tiffany K
  • I am very grateful for the opportunity of working with PA students for the past forty-five years and now reconnecting with our graduates through the alumni center. -- Cheryl W
  • The word “family” is precisely why I love our PA community. I know without a doubt that these people have my back. My experience is that whenever a crisis hits a current OR former PA family or staffer, without a moment's hesitation we swoop in with prayer, meal trains, etc. I feel a part of the greater good here. And I am so happy you’ve joined us! Have a Happy Thanksgiving! -- Ashley C
  • As a PA teacher and parent, I am thankful for a school and community that truly feels like home. -- Katie D
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  • Our class (ECS room 113) completed an anchor chart on what they are most thankful for this year. Our class is thankful for family, friends, and presents. I personally am thankful for my personal family. I still have both parents who are very active and in good health ( WOW, right?!) as well as my PA Family and Friends! Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you know our faculty is thankful for YOU and the environmental tone you are bringing back to our school. Thank you! -- Rissa N
  • I am thankful for the friendships my family and I have built over the years with our PA community. -- Tanesha B
  • I am thankful for the joy and enthusiasm throughout our entire school community. We have seen through this fall's football games, pep rallies, and parades that this is a school that loves to celebrate and show support for one another! -- Katie S
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  • I am grateful to work in a community where there is so much dedication to students and every facet of the complex prism that is their life at PA: academics, community, athletics, civic-mindedness and so much more.  -- Susannah L
  • I am so thankful for the passion our educators have for their students, for the art of teaching, and for the wellbeing of PA.  I am thankful for the culture of community and the family feels that exists within PA. I am thankful that PA existed for 50 years and is poised to move forward in relevant and differentiated ways during the next 50 years. -- Gregg L
  • I am thankful for the resilience of our students who have faced all of the challenges of the past year and a half, but still, come to school with a smile on their faces ready to learn! -- Ryan K
  •  The hallways filled with student laughter and conversation --The classrooms around the school filled with deep conversations or jovial banter -- The large crowds at various events on campus--Seeing teachers teach students and not computer screens -- Knowing that every day I get to work with amazing teachers, talk to amazing students, and converse with the best parents -- Justin R
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  •  I am thankful that I get to spend my time each day helping everyone that comes through our door(s).  I am also grateful for the co-workers that have become my special friends over the years. -- Brenda W
  • I am most grateful for the middle school administrators who listen and take concerns to heart. -- Tracy M
  • I am thankful for my students who come to class eager to learn each day. Their hard work and mastery of content and skills is impressive! -- Katie P
  • I am grateful for our faculty and staff in the ECS. Each morning is like arriving "home". It is full of fun, laughter, and love. -- Ginger W
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  • My wife and I are very thankful for amazing ECS and Lower School educators for loving, encouraging, and shaping our children to be the best version of themselves every day.I am also incredibly thankful for all my students' positive energy, willingness to learn every day, and challenge me to become a better educator.  -- Sarper T
  • I am thankful for a group of children who are so excited about having new friends. My students cannot wait to welcome our new classmate, who happens to be coming from another country. They have not met or even talked to him, but they are so excited for his family to move to Arkansas, for him to come to visit our school on Friday, and for him to join us in class when we return from our break. I am so thankful that our students are so welcoming and friendly to new people who come to PA. -- Leah M
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  • Where can I even begin? I am so grateful for my PA family, period. This year is my 22nd year at PA and it is home to me. I've been here longer than the school in which I grew up. I have made so many friends over the years with faculty/staff as well as parents of my students. The PA family as a whole has a heart of gold and I love that we are all there for each other in good times as well as challenging times. My daughter spent 13 years as a Bruin and I'm forever grateful for that as well. PA is a part of who I have become. -- Susan C
  • I am super grateful for being able to come to work to a place where there are wonderful people, and awesome things to accomplish every single day. -- Don S
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  • I am thankful for the bonus family I have here on campus. The students, parents, staff and faculty are more than just faces I see on a daily basis. They are a part of my family and my heart. Getting to watch students grow, succeed and still come back by my classroom to say hello makes my heart swell. I am grateful for my P.A. family and the home my children and I have here away from our own home. -- Amanda B
  • I am grateful for the mutual collaboration between families and staff to create the support that all students need to succeed at PA. The team views a student as a whole person rather than in isolation of the school environment. Not only are a student’s academics a focus, but also a student’s passions when discussing a course of action. This is truly the best job I have ever had. -- Melanie H
  • I am thankful for my wonderful job here and for the top-notch education my own child received here. I am thankful for colleagues who love and care for one another. -- Jennifer C
  • I am thankful for working in a warm, safe, and loving community and am thankful for working where I went to high school. -- Erin H
  • I am thankful for the opportunity to share my passion for coding and broadcasting with my students. And I am SO GRATEFUL for the PA Crew - these students work incredibly hard through rain and cold weather to bring our community various events throughout the year. We just couldn’t do it without them.  -- Joshua C
  • I am thankful for our Junior class that committed to doing random acts of kindness on and off-campus during our Community scavenger hunt. -- Drew P
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  • I am thankful for my 20 precious rock star students. I cherish the days with them. I also can’t leave out my former students. Once a rock star, always a rock star.  I am thankful for the lucky day (extended day) staff. Thanks for all you do! I appreciate you all watching my little one as I do classroom prep work and on conference days. I am thankful for the leadership of Mrs. Noel Brewster. I admire her dedication to her students, families, and faculty members.  -- Rhonda R
  • I am truly thankful to work at such a fine school. To me, I am thankful for the students! That's is what this business is all about, being able to guide and inspire them in the crazy times in which we live. I am thankful to have the chance to be a role model for each and every one. I am thankful for all of our staff here at Pulaski Academy, what a wonderful group of people. Last, being a coach here, I am so thankful for our athletic staff. We are all together and support each other in the wins as well as the losses. -- Chris K
  • I am thankful every day for our faculty and staff who make each day "A Great Day to be a BRUIN".--Michelle W
  • I am thankful for the community, being at a football game, or watching Bruins on Broadway.  We are always rooting for each other. -- Jennifer S
  • I am thankful for the sounds of children giggling in the halls of our school and not over a computer! -- Julie P

Wishing you all peace, love, and goodness,



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